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Print purchase statistics The purchase statistics provide information about the order and purchase figures. [...]

ArgonEKStatStatistikAuswahl 2017-08-02T13:08:49+01:00


Forecast - article overview The forecast article overview shows future sales plans for articles, [...]

ArgonVerStatForecast 2017-08-02T13:03:51+01:00


Supplier evaluation These statistics provide information for the systematic evaluation of suppliers based on defined [...]

ArgonEKStatLieferantenbewertung 2017-08-02T12:50:04+01:00


Stock Alerts This program prints the immediate availability of stocks. Select the appropriate criteria [...]

ArgonLagStatBestandswarnung 2017-08-02T12:45:51+01:00


INTRASTAT - declaration Intrastat declarations are used to record the actual movement of goods between the [...]

ArgonArgonIntrastatMeldung 2017-08-02T12:41:28+01:00


Article inventory list Via the selectable article inventory list, article inventories can be displayed that are dependent on [...]

ArgonLagStatArtikelbestandsliste 2017-08-02T12:37:49+01:00
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