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RPM areas

RPM areas An RPM segment is the smallest geographical unit in the [...]

RPM areas 2017-10-02T10:12:09+01:00

Shopping accounts

Purchasing accounts Purchasing accounts can be created here and selected from other programs. [...]

Shopping accounts 2017-10-02T10:13:23+01:00

Mandatory signs

Mandatory sign As for hazardous substances, this program can also be used to [...]

Mandatory signs 2017-10-02T10:14:08+01:00

Hazardous material classes

Hazardous substance class Here you enter the hazardous substance classes and regulations that are based on the [...]

Hazardous material classes 2017-10-02T10:15:11+01:00


Licenses This program defines the licenses for articles that require a license. Choose [...]

Licenses 2017-10-02T10:15:55+01:00

cost Center

Cost center A cost center denotes the place where costs arise for a service provision and [...]

cost Center 2017-10-02T10:16:38+01:00

Warning signs

Hazard symbols / warning signs As for the hazardous substances, this program can also be used to [...]

Warning signs 2017-10-02T10:17:26+01:00

GGVS classes

GGVS → Dangerous goods These are substances, objects and mixtures of which [...]

GGVS classes 2017-10-02T10:18:07+01:00


Outer boxes Here, outer boxes and sizes are managed centrally. Enter a description [...]

cartons 2017-10-02T10:18:46+01:00


Cost units The cost units are the analogous counterpart to the cost centers. For this purpose [...]

payers 2017-10-02T10:19:25+01:00
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