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What delivers who

What delivers who This program offers in comparison to Who delivers what a [...]

What delivers who 2017-10-02T09:52:18+02:00

Show appointment grid

Show date grid This tool enables you to see the dates for the quantities [...]

Show appointment grid 2017-08-02T12:04:01+02:00

quantity conversions

Quantity conversions This table is used for conversion if, for example, goods in kilograms [...]

quantity conversions 2017-10-02T10:01:36+02:00

cost data

Cost management The cost management is the central point for entering the master data for [...]

cost data 2017-10-02T10:02:53+02:00


Languages ​​This is where the languages ​​are stored that are in the master data (user, customer base, [...]

Languages 2017-10-02T10:03:57+02:00

dosage forms

Dosage form The dosage form describes the form in which (eg liquid soap, cream, powder, drops [...]

dosage forms 2017-10-02T10:04:52+02:00

revenue account

Income accounts Enter the income accounts for Germany and abroad here. [...]

revenue account 2017-10-02T10:05:26+02:00


Countries Country abbreviations As a rule, the internationally used country code is used here. [...]

Countries 2017-10-02T10:06:18+02:00

VCI warehouse classes

Storage classes The assignment of a hazardous substance to a storage class is based on the information available [...]

VCI warehouse classes 2017-10-02T10:07:47+02:00
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