Argon Work recipe main

Basic information for creating a recipe

To create a new recipe, it must be in the item master as an article as it is known from the master data.

If a recipe has already been created, this can be changed via the Search function to be chosen. Alternatively, the recipe search can be opened by double-clicking the recipe number.

It is also possible to change the recipe too copy and then edit them and create them as a new recipe, as a raw material or as a R + D recipe.

Define an article as a recipe

Open the article master by selecting the menu item Couching choose. At the beginning, assign a recipe number (starting with "RZ") in the Article number field and select "Recipes" as the article group. The general explanation of the article master can be found here .


Now it is important the license plate recipe in order to be able to process the stored recipe in the next step.

The remaining processing behaves just like the creation of an article. After saving, proceed to the next step:


Open and edit the article as a recipe