country code

As a rule, the internationally used country code is used here.


Activation of the field means that this country has acceded to the Euro Agreement.


Here it is deposited, whether it is
- your own country of origin
- an EU country (abroad)
- a so-called third country (foreign country) which does not belong to the EU is acting.

national language

Enter the valid national language.
Already defined languages ​​are shown for selection via the list.

national currency

The currency valid in this country.
Already defined currencies are shown for selection via the list.

Intra Code

INTRA is a country code of the Federal Statistical Office for all countries. It is used for statistical evaluation.

third-party code

Country code in possibly connected foreign systems.

country code

Enter the internationally valid telephone code here.

License Plate

The internationally valid license plate.
This is considered a pure information field.

Intrastat code

The code of financial accounting that is required when transferring data to accounting.

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