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Article master - security

The tab Security defines hazardous substances and classifications for the respective article.


Regulation for flammable liquids


The Maximum workplace concentration (MAK value) indicates the maximum permissible concentration of a substance as gas, vapor or suspended matter in the air at the workplace, which is not expected to be harmful to health

Water hazard class

The water hazard class is a term from German water law. It describes the potential of various substances to contaminate water

ADR / GGVS classification

Dangerous goods carry risks for people and the environment and should draw attention to the danger by means of appropriate labeling. The reactions of chemical compounds and the potential dangers can be summarized in groups

 explosive substances and objects
 Flammable liquids
 flammable solids
 self-igniting substances
 Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
 igniting, oxidizing substances
 organic peroxides
 toxic substances
 Infectious substances
 radioactive substances
 Corrosive substances
 various dangerous substances and objects
 Environmentally hazardous substances
 Labeling Additive Systems UN 3082

UN number

The UN number, also known as the substance number, is an identification number that is specified for all dangerous substances that are also dangerous goods. It is the lower number on the orange warning signs attached to all dangerous goods transports and describes the composition of the transported goods

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