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Article master - warehouse

The necessary data for an article in relation to the warehouse, such as batch management, incoming goods inspection, or pallet data, are created within the Article master warehouse program.

compulsory fields

batch management → indicates the type of batch control

priority group → About priority groups A seasonal storage strategy per item may be controlled, which is a departure from the standard ABC schedule.

main camp → specifies the standard warehouse for the item

primary zone → Definition of the storage zones for the article

stocks → defines the min / max / message stocks of the article

magnitude → The magnitude defines the footprint of a parking space. This class controls the allocation of adequately dimensioned storage bins during a warehouse booking.

Quantity per size class → indicates the quantity per size class

Range quality → The range quality is stated in days. Thus, the ranges and their quality can be visualized in the programs.

The information is always given in number of days and the value is always considered as 'from range'. Therefore, the first field is not editable because RED always applies from a range of 0.

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