customer management

Via this program, customers are centrally entered and managed.

This customer data is clearly defined by a customer number.

customer number

When creating a new customer, you can enter the customer number here. You can only enter numeric numbers. To create a new account, you can use "Search addresses" to check whether the customer may already have been saved as an address. All master data in which addresses are administered enter the address in the address file. If the address has already been created as supplier, the link in the address file can be established by assigning the address as a customer. This has the advantage that the address maintenance is simplified. If the address in the customer master is updated, the assigned vendor is corrected automatically.


In the field Matchcode you can define a search term with which you can quickly find the customers. The matchcode can be 15 digits big. For example, you can define the following structure as a system: 5 Make the postcode and the first 6 digits of the name.

Inaccurate address

As an inaccurate address, you can mark new customer master records for which the master data has not yet been completely maintained.

customer status

The status of the customer defines whether it is a new customer or an end customer.

Address and customer data

Enter here the address, telephone, fax and e-mail connections.

Type of customer

Define whether this customer is an end customer, association etc.

Shipping method

Here you define the standard shipping method. The shipping method is maintained using basic data. You can only select the shipping types that have been created.

Tour / Shipping

Here you deposit the standard tour / forwarding company over which should be delivered. The tour / forwarding is maintained via basic data. You can only select the tour / shipping type that has been created.


This is a mandatory field, since the order confirmation texts, delivery note and invoice printing can be controlled in foreign languages. In the master data you have the possibility to deposit the texts also in foreign languages. If you do not have a translation, the standard texts will be printed in your language.


Specifies in which currency the billing should take place.

order type

Specify the standard order type to be automatically proposed during order entry. The order type defines the process that the order should take in the system.

job status

Specify the default order status to be automatically proposed during order entry.

Location Shipping

If you manage several locations, you define here from which location the customer should be supplied.

Taxable sales

Here you indicate whether the VAT is to be calculated on the invoice. For EU member states you can, if you know the VAT number, without VAT invoice.


Sales tax identification number of customers from other European countries.

Customer data and conditions


Here you deposit the BGA association number. (BGA Bundesverband der Duetschen Groß- und Außenhandels eV)

credit limit

Can be handed over to financial accounting. When using Diamond Financial Accounting SQL Server version, the credit limit can be checked online. If you enter zero as a value, ARGON says that no credit limit is defined. The customer then has unlimited credit.

Uns.Lieferanten no.

The supplier number under which you are led to the customer.

Retail price level

You can store five sales prices in the article master. If you define these prices as standard prices for certain customer groups, you can specify for the customer which item master price pricing should access during order entry if no other price agreements are defined in customer price lists.

collective bill

If you have agreed collective invoice with the customer, you can define this in the customer master.

Number of prints

For each individual customer, you can specify how often the order confirmation, delivery notes and invoices should be printed.

Partial delivery allowed?

If you allow partial deliveries, the order will be delivered even if certain items can not or only partially be delivered.

Subsequent delivery allowed?

If the customer allows partial delivery, it may be that the arrears are not to be re-delivered. If you are allowed to deliver the backordered order items, click on the field. Otherwise, the job is done after invoicing. Open order quantities are automatically derecognised.

customer hierarchy

Fibu delivery

If the outgoing invoices are to be transferred to Financial Accounting automatically.

invoice debtor

Specifies to which address the invoice should be sent by default.

Statistical groupings

You can group the customer for statistical analysis. Distribution channels, distribution channels, industry and RPM areas can be defined and deposited.

Customer hierarchy

You can make a one-tier and a three-tier grouping of customers.

Association hierarchy

You can define the association hierarchy for the customer. To do this, create the associations, control centers and regional centers as customers and set the indicators for the addresses in the Type of customer firmly.

Field service care

Two representatives can deposit per customer. The first representative is the account manager, the second representative is the area manager.

Customer delivery addresses

Here you can deposit all known delivery addresses. These delivery addresses are available for order entry. By default, the customer is suggested as the delivery address.

To create new or change you can analogously to the description of Contact Person Action.

Customer relationship Article

Here you can deposit the articles with the customer and define customer-specific names for the articles. That is, the items are managed in the warehouse under your name. On the delivery papers a different name for the product can be issued per customer individually.

Note: If you enter the article number customer, by default only this is printed on the delivery papers and the invoice. If you maintain this article number in the article name long, both part numbers are printed.

customer prices

Customer prices can be defined and assigned via this.

General Pricelists must first be included in the master data so that they are available.

All available price lists are displayed on the left - you can use the arrows to add price lists to the customer and set the priority:

Free Goods

Free goods are a discount that is provided by the delivery of goods. Forms of the natural discount are a gift of giving, giving and adding. A rebate in the form of a discount, on the other hand, is referred to as a cash discount or discount in cash form. Select the applicable discounts by selecting and inserting them with the arrows in the selection.

Documents and texts

Documents can be inserted here. To do this, select a document (PDF, Excel, etc.) and enter the category and a brief description of the document.

Customer-specific standard texts for later use in orders, packing slips, delivery notes or invoices are displayed in the tab textsregistered and are available for printing in the mentioned programs.

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