This is used to create inquiries for customers, which can be sent as a printout in letter form or as an email.

Enter a general title for the request and select a customer (optionally with the search function).

About the Conditions Payment and delivery conditions are recorded and request scale quantities are determined.
About the Product Information Product type and product properties are selected. Further product data are in the tab Specificationsexplained.


Enter the product-specific properties here.
Bulk or bottling

Bulk goods are often manufactured and traded in bulk quantities of a few 100 kg, several 1000 kg or even larger quantities and then converted and packaged in the industry. In the cosmetics industry, for example, large quantities (bulk goods) are produced and then portioned into individual packs.

Select here the viscosity suitable for the product.

The Viscosity is a measure of that viscosity a fluid. The reciprocal of the viscosity is the fluidity, a measure of that flowability a fluid. The larger the viscosity, the thicker the fluid, the lower the viscosity, the thinner it is, so it can flow faster under the same conditions.
Order picking (inter alia also bulk goods for diverse destinations)

This specifies packaging-related and quantity-relevant dimensions and details as well as the density and temperature of the product.
Test / safety assessment

Select here the options that are appropriate for a test or safety assessment.


Here are all incurred tasks that were carried out by different areas such as sales or production or are still to be performed.

Finally, enter a task description and the termination of the task. These task positions will then be forwarded by email if necessary.

Documents and comments

Documents can be inserted and general comments about the request can be entered here. To do this, select a document (PDF, Excel etc.) and specify the category as well as a short description of the document or delete unnecessary items.

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