The quality, purity and structured production of an article are the highest priority on the part of the manufacturer and of course on the part of the customers. It is checked and planned using quality assurance.

Should it still come to a complaint, then complaints about this program can be recorded and processed.

basic data

Within the basic data, the article class and the article to be reclaimed are to be selected, whereby only articles for the selected article class are selectable.

⇒ The article class can be an article in the item master be assigned. Bear in mind that out of the complaint just Sales items appear in the list and can be selected !!!

Now mark the applicable categories Reklamierender, Complaints and completion status, These can be used to search for a claim as filter properties.

Accompanying parameters can be a specific batch.
error class → Choose between the type of error main flaw, In addition to error or critical error File

Category Complainant → Who has complained?

Category Complaint → Which place should the complaint be assigned to?

Now enter the date. These are also included in the print preview The total duration of the complaint in weekdays can be calculated automatically with a click on the dotted button. However, the date of the complaints input and the date End of the complaint processing be filled.

returns: If the product has been returned and accepted as a return, this status can be set by a checkmark and the date of the goods receipt of the return.

Check your details and switch to the next tab.

medical device

Further information on a medical device is selected here:

Contact details

Here all contact details of the claimant and the form of the complaint request and response are recorded.

If a complaint is not submitted by telephone or in person, written documents and other files can be inserted and integrated using the path and opened for viewing:

If the contact data are recorded, then the complete definition of the complaint can be recorded as a description.

QS - feedback

Similar to the description of the complaint are in the tab Feedback QS possible causes of error documented and enclosed with the complainant. Additional documents can be included in order to provide the complainant with further information (e.g. a description of the error analysis or the cause of the error).

To provide this information, please indicate whether the product complained about is a First faults or one repeating and click on the next one Reiter.


Enter the quality of the tested product here. In the area of ​​complaints, the documentation of product quality is an important component and a prerequisite for quality assurance.

Again, an optional description can be added in addition to the product type and the nature.

Measures initiated - internal measures

These two tabs describe the initiated and internal measures for a possible implementation of the error analysis.
Introduced measures

Enter the measure, the persons responsible and the status of the measure with the respective date. Several measures can be recorded for a complaint. To do this, use the following buttons to add, remove or select an already recorded measure:

Once the measures have been recorded, they can be searched for and displayed. Use the buttons provided Show open measures and  Seek action.

open measures ⇒ A print preview of all open actions is displayed and can be printed if necessary

Search for measures ⇒ A new window opens in which you can filter according to all measures, regardless of the complaint 
Internal measures

Descriptions can be drawn up within the internal measures as well as with the measures taken. In addition, the individual measures can be considered done or as goal achieved mark, with the subdivision: 'immediate measures, corrective actions and  Measures of tasks.

These are displayed on the printout of a complaint.

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