Parking facility

The program described below is intended for the installation of parking spaces in parking lots.

The tree diagram offers easier operation:

After setting up a location and defining at least one storage area, you can start with the parking space facility for this area.

plus.png This sign means that a subdirectory exists. With a mouse click on this button the directory will open and it will be displayed its subdirectory (s) (go one level deeper).

Important fields in detail


Select one of the configured zones for which parking spaces are to be created.


The entry determines how the parking spaces should be addressed during storage (see also size class)


The unit recorded here identifies the base area of ​​the storage bin.
Indicate for which size class the parking spaces are to be created in this area.


Enter here the maximum storage weight of the storage compartment in kilograms. The permissible load capacity may be on access bookings to a storage compartment should not be crossed, be exceeded, be passed.


The entry determines the maximum height, the units to be stored should not can exceed. From the actual height of a shelf compartment may be provided a certain tee to obtain a range of motion for storage machines.
The block storage corresponds to the parking space height of the room height.


With this selection, you specify that the parking spaces are created as shelf spaces.


With the selection you determine that the parking spaces are created as block parking spaces.

Parking spaces count from ...

Specifies from which value the segments should be assigned further and automatically incremented.

Pitch segments number

Specifies how many values ​​are to be assigned in the individual segments.

Separators between pitch segments

The individual segments are automatically separated with "-".

Pitch segments Number of leading zeros

The individual segments are automatically created with two digits.

Example of the parking space installation of a shelf warehouse

After placing the pitches with the above parameters, the pitch info shows the following picture:

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