Print physical inventory documents

This program prints receipts, that is, the actual physical inventory records for the previous ones inventory definitions were created. These are processed further using the following options:

Cancel: Deletes the selected physical inventory document

Reset to default: Resets inventory documents so that they can / must be recaptured

Change rating: see below inventory reviews

Book: Herewith you book the current receipt. After this, the receipt can no longer reset will

To lock: Closes the inventory for the currently selected document completely

print selection

In addition to the planning and setup of the inventory and the documents, the expression of the lists and protocols plays a central role. It will shot lists (Counting lists) needed to enter the stocks and difference lists to see the differences between actual and target quantities. Also will one detailed difference list eg for the inventory / warehouse manager or otherwise authorized persons.

There is also the option Lists with all parking spaces to print. Also interesting is the option Print inventory, which provides the current inventory as a list and provides, for example, a comparison to the counts. Basically, it is helpful in an inventory to have such an inventory at hand.

If you have selected the printing option that you require, it can be printed or previewed.

inventory reviews

Within the inventory valuation, all article items are listed for the selected warehouse or the selected parking space Inventory no. already existing inventories can be selected directly.

This can now be made last adjustments, but this only applies to the batch price. If necessary, enter the new batch price and save the changes.

Example of a print version of the counting list

This is the final count list, which expresses that Zählpersonal is made available. The quantities actually counted are shown in the free field counted quantity entered by hand. The recorded values ​​are later stored in the inventory record entered.

⇒ If a portable computer or a tablet PC is used, the counted quantities can also be printed directly in the print version without counting lists inventory record be maintained.

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