The inventory in general

Under Stocktaking One understands the inventory of articles in a company.

Purpose of the inventory: Check whether the items actually available match the book stocks.

It is therefore an important basis for the annual financial statements.

The inventory provides information about the inventory and value of the articles. In normal cases, the implementation must take place on a specific date.

The results of the inventory are recorded in writing and later transferred to the system and compared. With every inventory, the posted target stock is compared with the manually counted actual stock.

Annual inventory

The key date inventory is the most important and common type of inventory. A key date inventory can only be carried out exclusively, ie the prerequisite for opening this inventory is the completion of all special inventory procedures or the acceptance of all open due date inventories that relate to the same inventory area.

Steps to perform an inventory:

  • Manual inventory opening
  • Print admission lists
  • Manual determination of the article inventory with the inclusion lists
  • Transfer of the recorded articles from the admission lists
  • The key date inventory is usually used once a year to change the fiscal year. For large stocks of items and inventory, counting and capturing the items can be very time consuming.

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