FA - Report back

If a production order has been created and executed (produced), this must be reported back after completion of the production. Based on this feedback, the shares of the required recipes are deducted from the stock.

A production order can be confirmed several times (feedback of partial quantities), therefore several are Visits per FA possible. If a partial confirmation is carried out, the production order remains open for further calls.
About completing an order

The order will be completed automatically as soon as the entire quantity has been confirmed.

Was after the production carried out should not consumes the entire order quantity, there is the possibility of the Order manually complete.

The produced goods will only be booked to a corresponding warehouse after complete completion of the production order.

booking data

Booking Indicates whether the order is free for access or quarantined for the time being (a blocking reason must be specified for this)

Production quantity identifies the total quantity of the production order

Confirmation Quantity is the quantity to be reported back for the current order retrieval

The remaining amount corresponds to the total amount still open


This listing is for the pure information source. Here all articles are sorted and marked on the basis of the batch.


With post The specified reservations are now booked after the destination warehouse and area have been specified, and the callback (partially / completely) is reported back. The order is completed as soon as there are no reserved stocks left.

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