customer allocation

Production Planning contains all sales orders that are planned or in progress. An operating order can be printed via this.

A special function is the assignment of customer orders to production orders. The customer order list provides information on the requested and recorded order quantities of the customer.

A customer order is assigned to the production order using drag & drop, but the article must correspond to that of the production order.

Drag a sales order to the production order area with a mouse click to make the assignment.
Furthermore, the total, open and assigned quantity as well as the total availability including those in quarantine are displayed.

If there is a difference, this is indicated. If there are therefore shortages, they must be recharged or reordered for the production to be carried out.
Choose one filter setting from (location, item, customer or order) or search for a customer or item using the search function.

-> This can now be used to print operating orders and related documents.


Press in the area customer orders the right mouse button. As a result, a customer order can be loaded directly. Usually this is done via the program Load FAHowever, if it is clear that the selected production order should be loaded, this method saves time:

To an assignment in the range Construction contracts to remove, press the right mouse button:

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