FA - reservations

Reservations for a production order are processed within this program.

To do this, select an order from the tree diagram to view the details (reserved units). Via the buttons "+"/"-“Further quantities can then be added or reduced.

The lower part of the form retrieves the units that are also used by other production orders:

Links see the structure explosion of the existing production orders and the reservations they contain.

This structure diagram is unfoldable and thus contains the subordinate positions to the selected article.

Right After selecting a position from the structure, the reserved quantities are displayed.

If there is a further need for reservations, these can be booked via this, provided that stocks are available.

By clicking on "-" or "+", quantities are added or removed.

However, if completely new units are to be reserved, please click on

A new window is opening up:

Now select the target article from the list and enter the quantity to be reserved. To confirm the reservation, click on

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