Production Order Types

The order types are defined according to which production orders are to be created.

These order types are generally valid within a user-specified date range.

Im order text a long name can be specified:

order type

Code field to assign a unique key to the order type.
Contract text

Description of the order type (displayed in the selection mask when creating production orders).

If you click on Lock, this order type can no longer be used when creating production orders.
Debiting the consumption

Controls when the consumption of the production order should be posted.

"Manually when posting later", posts the consumption in a dialog before completing the order.

“Automatically when confirming”, when the receipt is posted, the consumption in the production warehouse is automatically debited in proportion to the additional posting amount.
Manual weighing (production)

If manual weighing is activated, no stocks are reserved when starting production orders. The reservation of the used batches is done manually by the user.

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