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With this program, you can create or edit contracts in the ordering system. We manage framework orders in the contracts. This means that you can enter and manage different contracts for a supplier for specific periods. The contracts manage quantities and prices that you want to retrieve in the defined time period. From the order entry can be accessed later on the stored contracts (calls for contracts).

If you assign a contract item to an order, the quantity of the order in the contract will be reduced.
You can either here or in the Contract overview Check whether you have already completely retrieved the planned quantities. The prices stored in the contracts are included in the order. The purchase order entry normally uses the price from the supplier article master file. When assigning a contract, however, the prices and discounts from the contract are included in the order.

When creating a new contract, the contract type and the vendor are selected first.

With contract selection is controlled, which type of contracts should be displayed or managed:

Depending on the contract type, you can now select a vendor (you can call the address search form here with F2 or double-click) and / or an article.

contract positions

The position of the contract can now be entered here. To do this, select an article, prices can be set and information texts recorded:

Now the schedule is created. For this purpose, times are specified at which a delivery with certain quantities should take place:

Various appointments are created as separate items with the call schedule. If a call is planned over several months, the distribution can be calculated automatically using the open or called-off quantities and the lot size:

Position and contract overview

The overviews summarize all positions and prices for completing

In addition, there is the possibility representative and set commissions.

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