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Orders can be placed either on the basis of an order proposal or at the sole discretion of the purchaser.

When selecting a supplier, supplier data and article data are taken from the master data.

Furthermore, order texts can be saved as text modules and recalled via text numbers that are assigned by the system.

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order header

Orders are recorded here.

Select a supplier so that the basic data are taken over and can of course be changed during recording.

supplier number

Here you enter the supplier number of the supplier for whom you enter an order. You have the option of using to look for the supplier if you do not currently know the supplier number.
Order type

The order type for the order is defined, eg if it is a normal order. If the abbreviation for the order type is not known, a selection mask for the order types can be opened. For the order type, the order type defined in the vendor master is automatically proposed. Delivery Address

Here is the address to which the goods should be delivered. In general, this is the address of your own company.
Order date

The date entered here is the actual date of the order.
date of delivery

The date entered here is only for the purpose of simplifying program operation. It is proposed as the delivery date in the item entry. This value can be adopted or adjusted individually for each order item.
delivery Note

The delivery note is used as a suggestion for all order items.

Employee who has entered or accepted the order.
Terms of payment, Delivery condition and Shipping method

This data is taken from the vendor master data and can be changed for each order.

order items

All order items can be accessed via the Article Find a supplier be selected or entered manually:


The order item is determined and entered by the system.

The article is either entered automatically if the article supplier search is used in the order header. Or you enter the article manually or select it with File

Further mandatory fields for the order are
Order quantity, unit price, discount, goods receipt warehouse

If possible, these are taken from the master data and can still be changed.

Other possible entries are the
contract number

The order will be called on demand Contract booked
Country of origin

The country of origin specifies the key for batch assignment at goods receipt.

Both delivery Note as well as Text will be printed on the order.

If the indicator QA inspection at goods receipt is set and the goods receipt is assigned to the purchase order, a QA inspection order is generated at goods receipt.

Item Overview

Here, all the items of the order with the most important data (item, item number, item name, order quantity and unit, unit price and currency, discount and total price) are displayed in the overview.

This will be used to remove positions if necessary:

Order Summary

Here are all important information such as address, currency prices and total prices of the order and also the field representative included. The latter can be edited. To do this, select an existing representative and, if necessary, pay a commission:

Once the order has been entered, the preview or the print (and thus the storage of the order) is available for selection.

Should minimum order values ​​have been undercut, this will be made clear by a message and it can be either corrected or completed anyway:

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