representatives tribe

If representatives are working for your company, enter their data here. These are also used for commission settlement and evaluation.

You can use this to create new representatives that will be used as the basis for accounting for representatives.
Enter the name and address data of the respective representative or search for an existing representative to modify data.

The representative number is automatically assigned or created from free numbers and selected:

Phonetic similarity

By means of a phonetic similarity analysis, the merchandise management system recognizes that this is a duplicate by using the same name and checking important values ​​such as postal code, main street name or e-mail address and telephone number and automatically informs the user with this field.

representative data

Here you enter the payment characteristics of the representative and assign the individual quota values.
were contingent

A product quota is a pre-defined quantity from which amounts can be taken. A quota is exhausted when the remaining quantity is zero

You can also determine the amount of the cash contingent and the goods delivered:

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