priority groups

Priority groups can be used to control a seasonal storage strategy per item, which is a departure from the standard ABC schedule.
ABC classification Method of focusing by trisection:
for example:

A: important;
B: less important
C: unimportant;
In warehouse management of importance in the automatic allocation of parking spaces in the chaotic warehouse:

Statement in the article master:
In the article master:
A: frequently used, frequent access
B: less frequently used; less frequent access;
C: rarely used, less frequent access.

For warehouse, storage area, canal, parking space:
A: favorable storage conditions, short walk
B: less favorable, middle way
C: unfavorable storage situation, long way

Priority group ID

The field is a short description (identification).

priority group

Here, a long description (explanation) for the ID entered in the Priority Group ID field is stored. The priority group is used during the automatic storage of the article. The articles are assigned to priority groups in the article master stock

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