quantity conversions

This table is used for conversion, for example, if goods are purchased in kilograms and stored in liters. It is used in addition to other conversions that can be defined using the values ​​in this table.

Source Unit

This is the unit of measure that is to be converted into the target unit of measure.

Destination unit

This unit of measure is converted.

Use conversion factor

If this field is activated, the value is used during the conversion.
This factor is stored in the article master.

Use density

Should the value stored in the article be used for the conversion?
The density provides information about the ratio of the mass of a body to its volume (volume).
This value is also created in the article master.


The result of the conversion is multiplied by this value.

Example of a frequently used quantity conversion:

A product is sourced from 2 suppliers. One sold in liters, the other in kilograms. Internally, the material is also stored in kilograms in the warehouse.

You can now order in liters for one supplier at the same time, and then enter the order in liters at goods receipt, but the system converts the goods receipt quantity into kilograms.

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