size classes

The size class defines the footprint of a parking space. This class controls the allocation of adequately dimensioned storage bins during a warehouse booking.

Size class (GK)

Enter a short name for the size class.

It serves as identification.

Size class designation

Describe the above size class (explanation)

Size Index (GI)

If a size index is defined, it has the following meaning during storage:

magnitude Größenklassenbez. size Index
BP Big pack 100
RO Roles 60
E0 euro pallet 50
IP industrial pallet 40
SA Sack 30
FA barrel 20
KA Carton 10
KN canister 8
EI pail 5

In the table above, the size classes are sorted in descending order of size index for better understanding.
Pitches with a high GI can pick up goods whose GI is either equal to or less than the GI of the goods to be stored.
Lt. For example, in the above table it is permissible to store canisters with the GI 8 on a parking space with the GI 20.

By determining (fixed GK) that a parking space is always occupied by the same GK, it is possible to prevent different size classes from being stored on a parking space.
A fixed GK will after the parking space in the module warehousing via the form plots assigned. With a fixed GK only goods with the same GK can be stored.

The default setting is that pitches can be filled with different GCs until they are fully loaded.

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