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item master

For a company, the article master is the central source for retrieving article-specific data and thus describes the listing of articles and their properties.
The article master has one of the most important functions in the argon system. This is used to record and classify the basic master data of a product.

In the area license plate is by a hook  indicated in which modules this article may be used. (The image below informs the user that this article is only in the module "Sale" to be led. These are also the areas that are maintained via the basic data!

The maintenance of specific article data in the other (optional) modules is done with programs that are housed and described in the corresponding areas.

item number

When creating an article, first assign an article number. It can be purely numerical or alphanumeric. The article number must clearly identify an article, ie several products with the same number can not be managed. Access to the article master data takes place in the booking programs primarily via the article number.

Note: If the article number is to be further processed via barcode, the restricted character sets of the desired code must be taken into account when assigning the article number.


In addition to the article number, a second search term can be specified via the matchcode for the most important master file of the warehouse management, the article master. The matchcode is to be formed individually. It is advisable to put it together from partial information of the article sentence so that if the number is unknown, a sentence can be found via the matchcode.

Example: Article: NiFeDIPIN 20 mg, 30 Rightardkapseln results in the matchcode: niferet20

A clear assignment of the matchcode is not required. Several articles can have the same matchcode.

Article status

Marking in connection with the field Lock, whether a use of the article in the application is possible or not.


The article may not be used in the application!

Product group

Division of the articles into different groups.

Product name

A descriptive explanation of the article

Product name short

Used by default for labels, printouts and lists.


By entering the unit of measure, it is determined whether an item is carried in pieces, liters or eg kilograms in the warehouse. The unit of measure forms the information base for the processed values ​​in the entire warehouse economy.

The permissible input values ​​are above the entries in the file units in the area Master data Are defined.

Price unit

The price unit determines which reference value (1 = one unit, 1000 = 1000 units) the stored prices of an article are based on. The price unit is used to calculate the value of the stock and the value of the quantities moved. The permissible input values ​​are via the entries in the file Price units in the area Master data Are defined.

Stock price

Set value for the product

EAN Code

Article identification for barcode processing

Customs fee number.

Identifies the article for trade with non-member countries (special duty rates)

expiration time

The expiry time provides information about the expected shelf life of an item in calendar days.

quarantine period

Indicates how many days the article must be quarantined before further use.

Replenishment lead time

Determines the period in days, which is required on average for the procurement or production of goods.

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