All are included in the address range ARGON® deposited addresses managed in a single address pool.

This applies to all files that have anything to do with addresses in any form:

Company master

HR master

representatives tribe

supplier master

customer base

Contact Person

In the area basic data can via the address form Addresses are recorded and edited that are known. This option is used in master data entry if no other modules have been installed yet. Even later, central data maintenance can be carried out via this form. Any changes made are immediately available to all applications.
The assignment of the data is through ARGON® managed. The optional modules access this data and only specify the marking (delivery address, customer address, representative address, etc.).

Additional contact information

If necessary, enter further contact details here (email, Internet address or telephone / fax).


Here you enter a letter salutation for the address. The entry can be used for form letters or other cover letters.

Inaccurate address

A pure information field
If parts of the address are missing, ie the address is incomplete, you can indicate this status to your employees.

Through individually created evaluation programs, it is possible to filter out these "inaccurate addresses" in order to complete them in a targeted manner.

Search address

If the address number is unknown to you, find the address you want to change using the "Search Address" button and make the appropriate changes. The search for a specific address can be simplified by using the filter function.

delivery addresses

If available and necessary, enter here optional delivery addresses.

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